Sleeping on QIPENDI® makes you happy,because good sleep puts you in a good mood

QIPENDI® a clever sleep system!

The sleep system for a modern lifestyle!

Sleeping like a dream on QIPENDI®

QIPENDI sleep system

Modern architecture in the bedroom

Specifically developed for people with little spare time to sleep. If you have very little time to sleep,
you need a very special sleep system. It must efficiently regenerate you
as well as ensuring you wake up refreshed, relaxed and fit even after a brief sleep.

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The revolutionary multipending system

The revolutionary multipending system integrated in QIPENDI® enables unconscious and harmonious muscle use during slumber:
The seemingly passive action of lying down to sleep is converted into gentle stimulation motions that relax the muscles.
This enables the body to relax even further helping you to be more resistant to everyday influences.
Experience a deep sense of security and relaxation as you sleep, achieved completely without
the aid of mechanical devices and without artifice. This is sleeping in the QIPENDI® system.

QIPENDI biodynamics create a new sleep efficiency

It is the sleep system for our modern times.
The unique high-tech architecture of the QIPENDI air-mattress core enables biodynamics while you sleep.
Every movement is cushioned by more than 1000 corresponding threads, reflected and returned as an impulse back to the muscles.
Pultipendig System
Schlafeffizienz mit Biodynamik
Schlafen ohne Kompromisse
Tiefer und erholsamer Schlaf

Sleep without compromises

QIPENDI® is a mattress with extraordinarily good properties for your spine, and for restorative sleep.
It offers an individual regulation option, washable covers that maintain their form even after a 60° wash,
plus simple handling and hygiene throughout.
We use, for example, only high-quality and tested materials, and produce in ISO-certified German manufacturing facilities.
These are a matter of course for the QIPENDI® brand

And this is what it feels like:

You lie down comfortably in a QIPENDI sleep system bed and, even when just trying it out for the first time,
you will feel how calmness and relaxation start to flow. A very special sense of well-being extends throughout your body.
This is generated by the Qipendi multipending function.
Now, you can regulate your highly personalised comfort at the touch of a button.
You can feel as the surface adapts more and more to your body.
You can enjoy the pressure-free lying position, your back is supported very gently and you have the sense that you are being carried.
Every individual muscle is now able to relax. A deep and restorative sleep is your prize.

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