Sleeping on QIPENDI® makes you happy, because good sleep puts you in a good mood

QIPENDI® a clever sleep system!

The sleep system for a modern lifestyle!

Sleeping like a dream on QIPENDI®

QIPENDI consultation and sales

Don't continue to move through life in a constantly tired and fundamentally exhausted state.

Revitalise your life force every day. In QIPENDI.
Consultation and sales via our certified dealers.

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QIPENDI dealers

Qipendi GmbH is a friendly company.

An honest, open and reliable approach to our customers is a matter of course for us and our dealers.
At the forefront is, above all, the proper customer and sleep consultation.
For this reason, consultation and sales only take place via our certified dealers.


The full contact data for our approved dealers can be found at the bottom of the Internet page. If there is no dealer listed for your region, please contact us directly at Qipendi GmbH / / Telephone +49(0) 8263 9606898

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